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ViktorSquare Viktor ViktorRating
Attributes: Ranged, Mage, Support Price:$3000
Agent Biography
Justice LeagueSquare
Full Name: Viktor Haas
codename: Chilly
age: 14
height: 155cm
weight: 47kg
nationality: Netherlands
Faction: Justice League
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Abilities Edit

Wind Point COOLDOWN: 1s CAST TYPE: Auto-Attack

Key LMB Icon
Viktor snaps his fingers and summons two mini tornados at the location. Cannot move when using.

Tornado COOLDOWN: 5s CAST TYPE: Buff

Key RMB Icon
Viktor throws a tornado that buffs his friends and hurts foes. Allies will get slight damage reduction, ranged defense and movement speed while enemies take damage.

Rush Flurry COOLDOWN: 15s CAST TYPE: Instant

Key Q Icon
Viktor slams the ground and damages enemies around him while cutting their movement speed. While active, Viktor gains movement and attack speed. Viktor's Wind Point gains a extra attack and he can move while attacking during this buff's effect.

Wind Kick COOLDOWN: 15s CAST TYPE: Instant

Key shift+LMB Icon
Viktor slides and on the ground and hits an enemy, which causes him to backflip into his original position. Can hit enemies on the floor.

Wind Spin COOLDOWN: 10s CAST TYPE: Grab

Key F Icon
Viktor jumps on the enemy's head and spins the rapidly, drilling them into the ground and kicks them away. He is invincible while performing this.

Windrunner COOLDOWN: 20s CAST TYPE: Movement

Key space Icon
Viktor launches himself into the sky and glides in the direction he is facing. You can control the glide with the mouse. You can slam into the ground and damage enemies by clicking LMB while pointing to where you want to land

Hover COOLDOWN: 1s CAST TYPE: Self-Buff

Key mwheel Icon
Viktor hovers slightly above the ground, giving him a small boost to movement speed for 20 seconds.

Hurricane Twister COOLDOWN: 60s CAST TYPE: Charge

Key E Icon
Viktor jumps forward in the air and creates a giant hurricane. Enemies have reduced movement while caught in the tornado. Enemies within the hurricane take damage and get knocked down when the skill is released or fully charged. The damage and range greatly increase the longer the charge is held.